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August 9, 2023

Adeeb Ahamed Empowers 17-Year-Old Girl’s Dream to World Powerlifting Championship

VK Anjana Krishna, a native of Kozhikode, can now fly to compete in the upcoming World Powerlifting Championship scheduled in Romania this August with the financial support from LuLu Financial Holdings MD, Adeeb Ahamed, whose timely intervention bolstered Anjana’s aspirations.

A five-time national champion, two-time Asian champion, strong woman of Kerala, India, and winner of Asia Titles, Anjana Krishna has qualified to participate in the World Championship in Romania. Both Anjana and her father Anil, who is also her coach, are confident in securing a medal in the championship.

However, the financial burden of the trip weighed down on their aspirations. Fortunately, LuLu Financial Holdings MD Adeeb Ahamed was apprised of the situation. Acknowledging Anjana Krishna’s impressive accomplishments at the young age of 17, Adeeb Ahamed chose to step in and provide assistance. This decision not only recognizes Anjana’s outstanding achievements but also paves the way for her to participate in the world championship.

During a ceremony held at the LuLu Forex headquarters in Kochi, LuLu Forex Director, Shibu Mohammed presented a cheque amounting to Rs. 3,50,000 to Anjana and her father Anil Kumar. P.

Adeeb Ahamed emphasized the importance of extending necessary support to accomplished sportspersons excelling in their fields. This commitment led LuLu Financial Holdings to step forward and offer financial assistance to Anjana. He also expressed his hope that Anjana would perceive this as an opportunity to achieve even greater feats in the future.

It is notable that despite facing previous financial constraints, Anjana has consistently delivered remarkable performances. Both Anjana and her father Anil conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to LuLu Financial Holdings MD Adeeb Ahamed and LuLu Forex for the timely support at this critical juncture, enabling Anjana to fulfill her dreams.

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