About the Company

LuLu Forex Pvt. Ltd. is the Indian arm of LuLu International Exchange LLC, a reputed foreign exchange and money remittance company with its presence across the Arabian Gulf, India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Seychelles.

LuLu Forex remains the one-stop-shop for all your foreign exchange business offering a choice of financial services through the most reliable and secured networks. The company, is also into Whole sale currency business; export foreign currencies and arrange remittances through accredited channels apart from buying and selling all foreign currencies.

We also provide services like travellers cheque, travel money cards, air ticketing and travel insurance to name a few. We are also channel partners for inward money transfer services like Western Union, Transfast, Expressmoney etc, and also facilitate outward remittances through our banking channels. We are seen as a reliable access point for currency needs anywhere, anytime and on time.

The company was incorporated on 8th October 2010 as a Private Limited Company with registered office at Cochin, Kerala. We received the FFMC (Full Fledged Money Changer) license from RBI on 10th May 2011 and the first branch at Cochin was opened on 3rd October 2011. Today the company has a pan-India presence with 27 branches in major financial cities across India. Driven by industry recognition as a valuable service provider, our corporate expansion plans include establishing a wider footprints across India.

Why Choose Us?

LuLu Forex strives to be the most preferred foreign exchange service provider in the country by delivering:

  • Competitive rates for foreign exchange and money remittance
  • Large network of branches across the India and the world
  • Stringent AML/CFT policies to prevent risk and fraud
  • Dedicated and professional customer service teams